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Where Exceptional Dogs Meet Exceptional Families.


It's not just about breeding exceptional dogs; it's about crafting lifelong connections. We understand that each family is unique, and our mission is to find the perfect dog for you and your loved ones. Join us on this odyssey of excellence, where the legacy of Ark and the passion of Tripphill converge to create a haven for exceptional dogs and their future families.

As partners in the pursuit of purpose-driven dogs, our collaboration extends beyond the realms of breeding. It's a journey marked by co-breeding, intricate training, and showcasing dogs of unparalleled quality, with a special focus on the majestic German Shepherds. The accolades speak volumes, with numerous nationally recognized German Shepherd Dogs and an impressive tally of 7 Select Dogs at the GSDCA National.



"I wanted to send an email thanking you soooooo much for my baby sage. My dream dog for so long was a cane corso!! I adopted Sage soon after the death of my wife. The death of my wife was devastating too me. When my mom gifted me Sage my whole world changed. The pain of loosing Karen was horrible but that little snickerdoodle dandy wandy helped me to find happiness again. She is so precious. She is my favorite doggy I've ever had and ever will I'm not a good trainer so she may not be the most trained doggy but I promise you that she is the most loved doggy. Her and I have such a bond. She loves being near me and vice versa. She is very nervous for some reason and I did try to socialize her when I adopted her but it was COVID time and was hard to do but she m is just so precious. She gained some weight but we are working on that. I changed her food and the uncertainty of how much to give her due to the nutrition amount led to that. She has list 5 lbs. We take walks together and she has a big brother named maximus who is Akita Chow mix. We just adopted a Great Dane puppy named Bella that Sage loves so much. My doggy Kimber passed away and her and Sage were best friends. That death caused Sage to get sad so we adopted Bella in July. Sage is very happy again not that she stopped being happy. Our Akita Maximus is a senior dog so he does not do a lot of playing but Bella and Sage together are so cute. I always give Sage her heartworm, flee, and tick medication. She gets her shots regularly. I make sure she receives good healthcare. Sage also has two brothers who are kitties and two sisters who are kitties. Sage is so good with them. It's funny, she some times puts a foot on them being sweet and she squishes them. Best dog I've ever had! I love her and she was sent to be by God to give me hope and experience love again which I did not think was possible after Karen passed. God helped me meet another perfect lady and the funny part is that my wife gets so jealous of my relationship with Sage which is weird but I just don't think Bryn will ever understand the connection I have with Sage.

Sage is my snickerdoodle dandy wandy and from the bottom and most deepest depths of my soul I thank you for trusting me with Sage and the honor to be her Daddy. I'm a disabled veteran who can't work due to my service to America and Sage is truly a bright light in a world that sometimes can dim. I hope you can view these pictures and video. Sage name you gave her was "Ark's Best Day Of My Life". I spoked to Mary a few years back and wanted to modify her pedigree name to "Ark-Tripphill Spirit Of Blue" and Mary says that would be fine?  Before I adopted Sage I adopted a Corso that I called Blue. I did not know at the time that certain places get their animals from puppy mills so within two days of adopting Blue he got sick. I tried desperately to save him. I refused to take Blue to the vet they insisted I use for them to pay for the care because that vet certified him as being healthy so I spent so much money trying to save him.

I knew personally most of the people who worked at the vet I go to. They are incredible and truly love their babies that people trust them to care for. Blue eventually had to have his care transferred to in patient and he spent the last month of his life living at the vets. I do know that every night they would let him out and run around with them as they closed for the night. He was loved by me for the short time I had him but he had to be euthanized because he had distemper with secondary encephalitis. I learned a hard lesson about pet stores but I'm so glad I got to be the one who took care of Blue before he went to Heaven. I will tell you that because of Blue passing Texas almost made it illegal for pet stores to sell animals they bought from puppy mills. Because of Blue, I was blessed to have Sage and that is why I wanted to amend her pedigree name to "Ark-Tripphill Spirit Of Blue". To let Sage's life honor Blue and all those horrible animals who are victims of cruelty. Thank you again for my baby Sage."

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