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Ark & Tripphill Kennels have a combined 80 years of experience in breeding quality, purpose-driven dogs.
Ark Kennel is owned by Dr. Teresa Coble, DVM and Robert Coble. Tripphill Kennells is owned by Mary Tripp. 

We have had a long association of co-breeding, training, and showing dogs, mostly focused on German Shepherds. We have raised numerous nationally recognized German Shepherd Dogs with 7 Select Dogs at the GSDCA National. Our kennels boast multiple Best of Breed (BOB) winners and champions who have achieved remarkable success in a remarkably short time within the breed. We take pride in our commitment to breeding from preferred imported stock, ensuring the highest standards of quality and excellence in every Cane Corso we welcome into the world. 

Our dogs are trained in conformation and obedience, as service dogs and canine police dogs as well as in many other areas. In order to do this we must always focus on temperament and health in our dogs. They are very loving and trainable and we guarantee them to be that way. Our interest is in finding the best dog for you and your family.

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